Lingua Chinese Translation

About us


Lingual Chinese Translation is a fast growing language agencies based in London. We offer Chinese Translations services to clients based all over the word. We pride ourselves not only in the quality and accuracy of our work, but also in providing excellent customer care and the diversity of our customers. The professional approach we follow means that each of our clients is met with accuracy in all of the language services we offer, regardless the size of their project. As an language service provider, we guarantee fast turnaround times without compromising on quality - the language translation and interpreting services we offer are always fast, accurate and professional, without exceptions. 

It's our abiding commitment to provide individually tailored language solutions for direct clients and multilingual service providers around the globe. 


Main Services

  • Document Translation       
  • Proofreading  and Editing
  • Interpretation
  • Certified Translation


Our slogan
Quality is crucial to every company; we take client’s satisfaction and success as an important factor of our performance


Our translator’s slogan
To be responsible to our translation, as to our own personality. Errors always exist in translations, but we are seeking for zero defects, as we know nothing is impossible.


Our operation principle
To create time-honoured translation brand relying on our excellent services and products, outstanding translators and smooth communications. 


Confidentiality Agreements
Your information is safe with us.  We have confidentiality agreements with our translators and include a confidentiality clause in the contract we sign with our clients.  If your company has their own confidentiality agreement, we would be happy to review the document and sign those as well.